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The Family Pipidae

Pseudhymenochirus (Dwarf Clawed Frogs)
P. merlini

Hymenochirus (Dwarf Clawed Frogs)
H. boettgeri
H. boulengeri
H. feae

Pipa (Star Fingered Toads)
P. arabali
P. aspera
P. carvalhoi
P. myersi
P. parva
P. pipa
P. snethlagae
Silurana (Tropical Clawed Frogs)
S. epitropicalis
S. tropicalis

Xenopus (African Clawed Frogs)
X. amieti
X. andrei
X. borealis
X. boumbaensis
X. clivii
X. fraseri
X. gilli
X. laevis
X. largeni
X. longipes
X. muelleri
X. pygmaeus
X. ruwenzoriensis
X. vestitus
X. wittei

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