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Our colony now includes 18 various taxa of Xenopus and 3 Unknown
Special Thanks to André Solaro and Duri Rungger.

Xenopus (African Clawed Frogs)

Xenopus amieti - Galim = 05°38'N, 10°20'E; altitude 1100 m, Cameroon Available
Xenopus andrei - Longji (type locality) = 03°04'31''N, 09°58'40''E, Cameroon
Octoploid - Bred 2011
Xenopus borealis
- Samburu Range = Samburu Game Reserve = 00°40'N, 37°32'E, Kenya
- 4 nucleolates mutant
Xenopus borealis - Marsabit = 02°20'N, 37°59'E, Kenya Bred 2011
Xenopus borealis - Kiambu = 01°10'S
, 36°50'E, Kenya
Xenopus borealis
- Maralal
= 01°06'N, 36°42'E, Kenya
Xenopus borealis -
Xenopus Express' = Kenya Available

Xenopus boumbaensis - Mawa (type locality)
= 02°46'30''N, 15°08'E, South Eastern Cameroon Bred 2011
Xenopus clivii - Addis Ababa = 09°02'N, 38°42'E, Ethiopia Available
Xenopus lenduensis - Congo =Octoploid -Bred 2011

X. laevis sub-group
Xenopus laevis laevis - Pigmented & albino , Western Cape, South Africa Available
Xenopus laevis ssp. "Malawi" =
probably Blantyre, 15°47'S, 35°00'E, Southern Malawi
Xenopus petersii (aka X. poweri ) = probably Lusaka, 15°25'S, 28°17'E, Zambia Limited Available
Xenopus laevis sudanensis - Ngaoundéré = 05°16'N, 14°01'E, Northern Cameroon
Xenopus laevis sudanensis -
Jos = 09°55'N, 08°54'E, Nigeria Available
Xenopus laevis victorianus - Kitanga
= 01°07'S, 30°02'E, Uganda
Xenopus laevis victorianus - Shama
= 01°57'S, 30°03'36''E, Rwanda

Xenopus muelleri - Malawi = probably Blantyre, 15°47'S, 35°00'E, South Malawi

Xenopus muelleri - Ifakara = 08°08'S, 36°41'E, Tanzania Available
Xenopus muelleri "West" Chad and Nigeria (Near Jos Plateau) Available

Xenopus pygmaeus - Boende = 00°14'S, 20°52'E, Zaïre
Bred 2011
Xenopus wittei - Echuya x Mulehe = a cross between lines from Echuya
forest, 01°17'S, 29°49'E, and Lake Mulehe, 01°13'S, 29°43'E, both in Uganda

Silurana Group (Tropical Clawed Frogs)

Silurana epitropicalis - Kinshasa = 04°18'S, 15°18'E , Zaïre

Silurana new tetraploid 1 sensu Evans et al. (2004), or Xenopus “specis nova VII” sensu Graf & Fischberg (1986)
- Nkoemuone
= 02°48'N, 11°08'E, Cameroon Bred 2011

Silurana new tetraploid 1 sensu Evans et al. (2004), or Xenopus “specis nova VII” sensu Graf & Fischberg (1986)
- Co6
= probably Malemba, 04°19'52''S, 12°25'42''E, French Congo

Silurana new tetraploid 1 sensu Evans et al. (2004), or Xenopus “specis nova VII” sensu Graf & Fischberg (1986)
- Longji
= 03°04'31''N, 09°58'40''E, Cameroon

Silurana tropicalis - Grainger Lab, UVA

Unknown Taxa

Co3 = Collected by Duri Rungger at Koulila, 4°07'S, 12°22'E, French Congo Available
Co8 = Congo
XE=Xenopus Express' Unknown Silurana Spp. line- Nigeria

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