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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Which frogs should I order for oocyte injections or expression? 
A. Most researchers request the wild type.

Q. What is the difference between HCG injected and oocyte positive frogs? 
A.  HCG IMP XL injected frogs are injected with a primary dosage of HCG before shipment anywhere between 1-4 weeks prior to shipment.  This is done to your specifications. This is a protocol used by some researchers to try and mature all oocytes inside of ovaries to the same stage. OP IMP XL are frogs are tested by squeezing them to check mature oocytes.

Q. Which frogs should I order for breeding or natural matings? 
A. LB XL FM are smaller and younger. They require less hormone for sucessful matings.  

Q. What is the difference between wild type and lab bred Xenopus? 
A. A wild collected animal can be up to twice the size of a lab reared frog thus producing twice as many viable oocytes. A lab bred frog is smaller more ideal for small rack systems. 

Q. How soon can we use the frogs after we receive? 
A. You can use as soon as the day you receive.

Q. Why do you think the frogs I presently have are not laying eggs? 
A. Stress. Frogs require a clean enviroment, good diet, have lots of room to swim ( 2-5 gal per adult) , places to hide and to relax.  

Q. Why do oocytes that look healthy die? 
A.  Harvested oocytes should be kept at 18 degrees C.  Frogs kept in captivity often stop producing new viable oocytes unless they are sexually active.  Freshly imported frogs rarely have necrotic oocytes due to normal courtship and stimulation in the wild.

Q. The frogs in the lab are not eating. What is the cause? 
A. Most often we find that it is a stress factor. An uncomfortable temperature, bright lighting and no hiding places, fast circulating water, vibrations, loud sounds, over crowding, poor water quality, even sometimes a food that is unappealing to the frogs. Newly acquired frogs often do not eat until few days after arrival. It is best to feed frogs diet we feed. SFF.

Individual frogs not eating should be quarantined and observed.



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